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Australia’s love affair with fruit juice

Australia’s love affair with fruit juice

Going for gold with fruit juice consumption

In an analysis of sugary drink consumption in 187 countries, Australia and New Zealand came up at the top. We are are the biggest fruit juice drinkers in the world.

The average daily fruit juice intake in Australia and NZ is 158mL. This is four times the global average of 38mL

Are juices as healthy as they’re made out to be?

I always stress the following to my patients: just because you are drinking a fruit drink does not make the drink a healthy choice. Drinking sweetened fruit drinks tends to create a false sense of safety and security because the drink is interpreted as being healthy. But the problem is the high quantity of glucose and fructose present in these drinks, but which is to a large extent invisible to the human eye because it is dissolved in the liquid.

The end result of indulging in these fruit drinks is the unnecessary sugar calories consumed, which end up creating weight gain in children and adults.

Your best choice for a drink is always water. It has an enormous advantage over any other beverage. It is more thirst quenching, it improves satiety and it contains no calories. Soda water is also a good option if you’re a fan of fizzy drinks.