Stop Food Cravings

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Dr Leon’s Solution to Food Cravings and Emotional Eating

After many years of research and experience gained from treating thousands of patients who suffered from food cravings and bad eating habits, I realised that knowing what to eat was not enough. It was essential learn how to overcome food cravings and control emotional eating. So, I created a course that works to do just that.



The course is broken down to 3 easy-to-follow video lessons. The techniques you will learn will put you in control of your eating behaviour and prevent you from constantly sabotaging your diet.

You can get instant access to watch from your computer, iPad, or smart phone.

This course will teach you:

·      How to stop stress from sabotaging your weight loss

·      How to eliminate unconscious, non-hunger eating

·      How to stop associating losing weight with pain and deprivation

·      How to stop the hormones slowing down your metabolism

Armed with these techniques, you will reach your healthy weight goal painlessly, and you will finally be able to avoid regaining the weight.

The Stop Food Craving Solution

In order to help you stop food cravings, I will show you:

1.     How to Set Your Weight Loss Goals – Learn how to focus your brain to stay motivated and ensure your weight loss success

2.     How to Control Your Bad Eating Habits – We have all developed some bad eating habits that are stopping us from losing weight. In this module, you will discover how to eradicate the habits that cause you to overeat, and learn Dr Leon’s proven techniques to stop over-eating

3.     How to Stop Non-Hunger Eating – So much of our eating is unconscious and not initiated by hunger. For permanent weight loss success, you must learn these techniques and control you non-hunger eating

4.     The toxic relationships between Stress and Weight – Stress eating is a major culprit when it comes to weight gain and diet sabotage. In this module, you will discover how stress is damaging your weight and how to stop this happening to you in future

These amazing techniques have helped thousands of my patients and clients to take control of their weight. Using the information you will get in these unique videos, you too will learn to take control and achieve permanent weight loss success.


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