Dr Leon Massage


Thank you again Dr Leon. I am so much happier and so much more confident now

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you. Before starting your diet, I was miserable and had started to give up hope that I would ever lose weight. I had tried so many diets and none of them worked. However, after following your diet, I lost 15.5 kg in 20 weeks and I have been able to maintain my weight for the past 4 months. My husband also lost 12kg and has also maintained his weight loss. Your program is so easy to stick to and it doesn’t feel like a diet, it’s just how we eat.

He is the Doctors’ choice for patient referral for weight loss and is highly esteemed in the medical profession

Dr Leon Massage is an authority on weight loss and health.  He has created a brilliant weight loss program, which is medically sound and practical. It simply works.

By giving his patients the knowledge of choosing the right foods, engaging in the right exercise, and by positively motivating them – he has assisted thousands of patients to achieve sustained, long-term weight loss and health improvements.


Thank you very much Leon

Just a brief note to thank you for your support and consummate professional skill in assisting me achieve the ambitious weight loss targets set some five months ago, including a further 5 kilo reduction target which we added midway through the programme.  Without your assistance, the loss of over 24 kilos in the most appropriate areas would not have been possible.  The improvement in my general health, as you are well aware, has resulted in my being off all prescription medication, which for a 65 year old is no small achievement. My general fitness levels are now back to what they were in my early thirties, a result I never dreamed was possible.

Dr Massage is a genius

He has saved my life. I have just turned 60 and I feel better than I did when I was 30.

Dr Leon’s weight loss program taught me how to eat properly without starving myself

  • I really enjoyed listening to the CDs and having the opportunity to ask Dr Massage questions as a follow up.
  • It teaches you how to eat; the correct amount and types of food – for life. It is not just a ‘quick fix’ for a few months – it is life changing.
  • Dr Leon’s program is different. There is no point counting, no shakes, no tablets or herbs. It is real food. You are able to go out and not feel guilty. I always knew what to order and felt satisfied.
  • Dr Leon Massage is an amazing doctor. He is calm and relaxed and really wants to help you. He gives you positive reinforcement and great encouragement.
  • I would highly recommend Dr Leon’s program. I believe it would help anyone. It makes you feel good about yourself.

I love the way your program is so easy to understand and follow

  • Your program has helped me to be in charge of myself
  • I now feel free of the pressure of food
  • I no longer fear going out for a meal or having people over
  • I am now controlling the food, the food is not controlling me

Dr Leon’s weight loss program is not simply a diet. It is much more than that. It is more about lifestyle and how to live healthier.

The program helped me get fitter, healthier and lose weight.

I am happy to recommend Dr Leon Massage and his weight loss program to anyone wishing to lose weight and improve their health.



That is the best way I can describe Dr Leon’s weight loss program.

It is empowering because you are free to choose but are guided to the best choices.

There are no ‘big deal’ do’s and don’ts.

I also find the drleonmassage website very encouraging when I am feeling down.

Dr Massage showed me how and for that I am eternally grateful

I was tired of my family and friends driving me mad about my weight.  To be perfectly honest I preferred not to think about my weight In fact, I tipped the scales at about 140kgs, (I say “about” as I couldn’t find scales to weigh me more accurately) but, being 185cm with a large, solid frame, I thought I could hide it fairly well

I was 42, taking blood pressure and cholesterol tablets, and I couldn’t climb stairs without being short of breath. So, I decided to see Dr Massage. Today I can weigh myself on “normal” scales, buy clothes off the rack, and enjoy gym 3-4 days a week. I no longer take cholesterol tablets and I’ve reduced my blood pressure medication by more than half.  I’ve lost about 30kgs, and I’ve kept the weight off.

At last!  Someone who understands!

After many years of being overweight, six failed attempts at Weight Watchers, Dr Leon was my ‘last resort’.  I thought I knew all there was to know about losing weight, but Dr Leon’s educational guidance opened my eyes to a new approach to health and weight loss.

Looking back on those unhappy years being overweight, and subsequently falling into the obese category, I cannot believe how simple my weight loss journey has been.

I have been seeing Dr Leon for four months, and, following his weight loss program, and have lost 15 kilos.  And this is without any drastic ‘dieting’ – just eating the right foods for my body, combined with exercise.  I can honestly say it has not been difficult.  I feel great.

Dr Leon provides a breath of fresh air.  He is truly interested in me, and continues to provide genuine motivation. He makes me feel that he is personally interested in my life, health and weight – which of course are all related to each other.

I am still on my weight loss journey, and may be for some time.  I am sure I will continue to visit Dr Leon from time to time, even when my journey is complete.

I lost 28 kilos in 18 weeks on Dr Leon’s weight loss program

The program is not so much a diet as a journey in understanding how food really works – and how food impacts on you and your lifestyle.

Finally, I was able to understand what protein, carbohydrates and calories are as well as many other aspects of diet and nutrition.

It was also an opportunity to really learn what works for me, in contrast to most other weight loss programs, Dr Massage teaches you to find the eating patterns that best suit you – and no two people are the same!

I thoroughly recommend the program for anyone seriously committed to weight loss and who seeks a more active and enjoyable life.

I am eternally grateful to Dr Massage for all which he has done for me!

I was overweight for most of my adolescent life; I tried every diet and training program possible. However, this was to no avail and nothing ever seemed to work. Although, there were times when these “fad diets” helped me achieve a minimal weight loss, such diets were never sustainable, meaning I often put on whatever weight I had lost plus extra.

Nearly ready to give up and accept being overweight for my adult life, a friend of mine introduced me to Dr Leon’s weight loss program at the Body Metabolism Institute. From the outset, Dr Massage explained to me that the key to losing weight is to make a “lifestyle change” and to erase the word diet out of my vocabulary.

Upon commencing Dr Leon weight-loss program, I saw instant results, which spurred me on to continue with the program. I was ecstatic, as I finally found a weight-loss program that was easy to follow and to understand; but most importantly, it was sustainable!

Dr Massage was able to answer every question I had relating to my lifestyle change, with a positive reinforcement and much encouragement throughout the process.

Having lost more than 35 Kg over the last 18 months with Dr Massage’s assistance, I am finally at my goal weight and plan to never look back. I feel that with Dr Massage’s guidance, I am finally able to sustain a healthy life. I feel that his program has gifted me with all the answers and tools to maintain my weight loss, long-term.

I love how Dr Massage has taught me that I can still maintain my social life and eat out at restaurants without feeling restricted, by instilling in me a new-found attitude to food/drink.

For anyone looking to lose weight, I highly recommend contacting Dr Massage at the Body Metabolism Institute or following Dr Leon’s online weight loss program. With his help, you too can achieve your aspirations to live a healthy life and lose that stubborn excess weight you’ve been trying to lose for so many years.

My total weight loss was 24 kg. I started at 88 kg and finished at 64 kg (my final target)

My waist measurement dropped from 99 cm to 80 cm.

My comments:

  • Dr Leon’s program changed my way of thinking about food and dieting
  • This is the first time I haven’t been overweight in a decade
  • The program is easy to follow. I did it on one leg – in a moon boot (I was suffering from a fractured ankle)
  • The habits that I learned became part of my everyday life, rather than a forced diet
  • Dr Leon’s program helps you understand not just what to eat, but also why
  • It totally changed my mentality

I think Dr Leon’s Weight Loss Program is GREAT

It made my weight loss easy and I lost 13 kg. I went from a size 14 to a size 8-10

What’s amazing is that I was never hungry. I felt healthy and never felt like it was too dramatic. I know that I can sustain my new body for life.

Dr Leon really knows his stuff. The education sessions were invaluable, and he was really motivating and encouraging throughout the program.

I would highly recommend the program. It is not a crash diet and it makes weight loss easy.

I will never forget when Dr Leon Massage told me on my first appointment that he was going to help me change the way I think and feel towards food

He added that eventually I will walk into a bakery and not even be tempted. I remember laughing to myself thinking this guy has no idea who he is he dealing with. After dieting on- and-off for 18 years I thought I was beyond reform.

Somehow Dr Massage was able to tap into something that no one has ever done before. He helped me achieve goals that I never dreamt possible.  Over the past 15 months, I have lost 23kg and kept it off with a healthy eating and exercise plan under the support and guidance of Dr Massage.

I feel great! I cannot thank Dr Massage enough for guiding me along my new sustainable way of weight loss and healthy living.

I give Dr Leon 10/10

What Dr Leon’s Weight Loss Program did for me was give me a total understanding of how to manage my weight.

I lost 22 kg, improved my confidence and sense of self worth, and increased my stamina.

Dr Leon’s program did not just get me to lose weight; it changed my life. I now feel great and know exactly what to do to stay this way.

I lost 17 kg on Dr Leon’s weight loss program

I had tried many programs and even extreme diets in the past but it was Dr Leon’s program that gave me a solution that was easy to follow and easy to keep going.

The really special thing about doing the program was not so much the weight I lost, but all the wonderful things I gained as a consequence: my energy levels are at an all time high, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and this has incredibly boosted my confidence levels. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I’m very happy with my body and even incredibly proud of it!

I could write and go on for ever about Dr Leon (Magic) Massage

I am 64 years old and I believed I was way too old to lose much weight.

My story, like so many other women, is that I had a weight problem since the age of 15, I tried every diet there has been on the market. I even went to see some doctors who specialised in weight control, but they didn’t work. They were so hard and boring and I was starving.

My nephew told me about Dr Massage. He told me that all the men in his real estate office were losing so much weight with him.

Off I went, with the hope that this was going to work for me, because at my age diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease were also on my mind.

My initial feeling when I met Dr Massage was that he understood exactly what I needed. We spoke about what different food do to the body, how to cope with everything from binging, stress, and all the other eating excuses I’ve used.

He answered all my questions – and there were many. He never rushed, and was always motivating.

I liked the food plan and ate big portions, and didn’t feel that I had to give up much.

I weighed 77 kg when I started and I lost weight every week. Although I had setbacks on some days, I immediately went back to correct eating. Now I weight 66 kg.

Dr Massage has been the only person that I have had success with. To me he is amazing and cares very much. I’m so lucky I found him.

I can’t believe it went so fast. Where did the days go? I don’t even have one day when I worry about food.

I’ve finally lost weight! I finally look amazing. My clothes fit and look terrific.

Thank you Dr Massage

Dr Leon Massage, where were you 4 years ago?

I was 54 when I was diagnosed with maturity onset diabetes.  I started seeing specialist diabetic endocrinologists and dieticians but frankly, the advice I received did little to help me. I remained 20 kilograms overweight and I was on two different medications to control my blood sugar.

Thanks to you I have learned how to eat and what to eat. I have lost 8 kg in six weeks, and I feel great. I am not hungry and I am definitely not starving myself.

Thank you for showing me the way.

As a medical practitioner I thought I was well informed about diet and lifestyle

Despite this, my weight escalated in the last decade. Every attempt I made to lose weight resulted in temporary and insignificant reductions.

Fortunately, I was referred to Dr Massage and Dr Leon’s Weight Loss Program.  With ongoing supervision, motivation and advice, together with the targeting of the factors that were influencing my eating behaviours, I was finally able to relinquish my entrenched habits and reverse the upward trend in my weight.  I have now been losing weight for 6 months and I am extremely confident that this will continue.

The goal that had seemed impossible is now definitely achievable and within sight.

I have no hesitation in referring my clients who are dealing with weight issues to Dr Massage.