I Can't Believe It's a Diet
Dr Leon's lifestyle solution for fast and permanent weight loss

The majority of overweight people believe that weight loss is impossible for them. They keep trying, but don't really believe they will succeed. But they are wrong. You can succeed at losing excess weight.

Weight loss can become smooth and painless once you learn to harness the hormones that control your metabolism and are predisposing you to easy weight gain.

You’ll Discover:

  • How your body works. This book will show you how to take control. How to eat, how to exercise and how to think, in order to get a lean and healthy body.
  • How to change your body chemistry and overcome any genetic predisposition to easy weight gain.
  • Diets don’t work! And that is why this is not a diet. It is a lifestyle solution. It will put you in control, for permanent life long success.
  • How to take control. It is the lack of knowing how the human body really works that drives most people to look for instant, quick-fix remedies that never work in the long term.
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  • I would describe it as a refreshing lifestyle eye opener to re-align your path for being healthy, fit and in shape!!”


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  • This is by far one of the best books on weight loss, health and nutrition I've read in a long time. I highly recommend it. It's written in a fluid and easy to read style and explains--finally in layman's terms--the effect of different food types and food products on your weight and body.”


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  • I am loving this book as it is not only educating me about what I should be eating, it is also explaining why I go to eat certain foods at certain times. I have tried fad diets, and they may work for five minutes, but Leon's lifestyle change is the way to go!."


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  • he lifestyle program presented is one that uses a 'toolbox' approach with each chapter adding another weapon to the arsenal for the person determined to finally address their weight issues for good. The chapters are easy to read, get straight down to the facts of what a person needs to know, contains lots of interesting and useful facts, and with a nice take home message summary section at the end.”

    Tim Crowe

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  • I lost 20 kilogram, and I feel great.I am now 56 years old and I feel like a 35 year old. I have regained my youth and my energy.
    The trick with this interesting book is to just follow the instructions provided and embrace this fantastic lifestyle.”


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Dr Leon Massage

About the Author

Celebrated as the go-to weight loss physician by leading doctors throughout Australia, Dr. Leon Massage has been treating overweight and obesity conditions for more than twenty years.

He has helped thousands of patients to lose weight and regain their health and energy by teaching them how to eat, how to think, and how to exercise.

Drawing from his personal struggle with his weight as a teenager and young adult, Dr. Leon has created a highly acclaimed, easy-to-follow ten-step weight loss program.

He uses audio CDs, video tutorials and work sheets to help his patients progress through the program with life-changing results.

He is the founder and Executive Director of the Body Metabolism Institute, and he is the Australian Medical Association spokesperson on weight loss and nutrition.