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Dr Leon is an eminent practising doctor who has been helping people with weight and obesity issues for more than 25 years.   

By drawing on his own personal experiences as a teenager, as well his scientific and clinical expertise, Dr Leon has helped thousands of his followers lose weight and regain their health.  

His unique weight-loss system gives you the capacity to correct your metabolism, and the  techniques to transform your mindset to ensure your weight loss success. 

His ability to motivate and inspire will help to make you the best version of yourself. This is what makes him the doctors’ choice for weight loss in Australia.

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Let Dr Leon help you achieve the results you want with his online weight loss program and the free resources available on this website. 

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Dr Leon is the Australia Medical Association, Victoria, spokesperson on weight loss and healthy eating. He provides lectures to doctors, and speaks at many events across Australia and internationally. Below are some key presentations and notes.

Dr Leon's weight loss program

Dr Leon’s weight loss program is a unique system created by Dr Leon Massage. It uses the latest cutting-edge techniques to put you in control of your weight, permanently. It educates and motivates you for weight loss success.  

It is not a diet. It is a new lifestyle that gives you the knowledge to transform your sluggish metabolism to lose your excess fat, fast, while changing your mindset and your relationship with food.  

It will stop your emotional eating and your non-hunger eating, so you can finally avoid regaining the weight you lose. 

Dr Leon discovered that there are specific metabolic issues common to a majority of people who struggle with excess weight. They have a metabolism that responds poorly to sugar and processed carbohydrates, resulting in rapid fat gain. They also often have a damaged gut microbiome that results in an increase in hunger and damaged fat metabolism.  

What makes this amazing weight loss program so special and life-changing are the unique techniques and the latest scientific knowledge it provides to help overcome your predisposition to weight gain – both physical and emotional. 

With Dr Leon’s program there are no pre-packaged, processed foods - only natural fresh foods. You do not need to count calories or points. And there is no food that you can never eat. 

The best surprise is: it doesn’t even feel like a diet.

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