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About Dr Leon

Celebrated as the go-to weight loss physician around Australia, Dr Leon is an eminent practising doctor who has been treating people with weight issues and obesity for more than 25 years. He has helped thousands of his followers to lose weight and regain their health by teaching them how to overcome their genetic predisposition to gain weight, and to take control of their emotional, non-hunger eating. He does this by teaching them the right food, the right mental techniques, and the right exercise, to succeed with their weight loss. Drawing from his personal struggle with weight as a teenager and young adult, allows Dr Leon to understand the frustration endured by many individuals struggling to lose their excess weight. This unique combination of scientific and clinical expertise, combined with his personal, make Dr Leon’s program a life-changing experience. Dr Leon Massage is an, author, motivator and speaker, and a contributor to many health and weight loss journals. He is also the Australia Medical Association spokesperson on weight loss, nutrition, and healthy eating. Dr Leon gives lectures, speaks to groups, and also treats patients at his clinic in Melbourne, Australia. If you wish to make an appointment to see Dr Leon, you can call his clinic: +61 3 9527 4355

What’s so special about Dr Leon’s weight loss program?

Dr Leon’s weight loss program is not a diet. It does not require you to count calories, count points, or to purchase any packaged food or tablets. It is a unique system created by Dr Leon Massage that allows you to take control. You will lose weight fast, and regain your health and vitality. We know that each one of us has a unique genetic profile and metabolic type. As a result, different people respond differently to certain foods, and even to specific exercise. Dr Leon discovered that there are specific metabolic responses that appear to be common to a large percentage of people who struggle with easy weight gain and food addictions. For example, most people who struggle with their weight love their carbohydrates. However, they have a metabolism that has difficulties dealing with refined carbohydrates, sugars and sweets. This causes them to gain weight easily, and can also lead to binging, food addictions, and diabetes. In order to lose weight and get a leaner, healthier body, you need to learn about the foods and techniques that will help you overcome your inherited slow metabolism, eradicate your emotional eating, and make you weight loss faster and easier. This is what Dr Leon’s weight loss program is going to teach you. And that is what makes it so special. – it simply works.

Dr Leon’s BMI Weight Loss Program

What does Dr Leon’s program do for you? It optimises your weight loss, boosts your metabolism, and improves your health and vitality. Dr Leon’s program uses only wholesome fresh foods. It shows you exactly what you need to do to be in control of your weight. And it does this in 10 easy-to-follow modules. Dr Leon’s patients constantly report that it doesn’t even feel like a diet. Dr Leon’s weight loss program is not a diet.  It’s a revolutionary weight loss solution that puts you in control. The remarkable weight loss results his patients are achieving, together with the amazing lifestyle and health improvements, has many doctors referring their patients to Dr Leon. That’s why it is the weight loss program doctors recommend.

See Dr. Leon in Action

Dr Leon is a spokesperson for the Australian Medical Association, Victoria, on weight loss, nutrition and healthy eating. He presents at many events and functions across Australia and Internationally. Below are some key presentations and notes.

In the press

“It is more about lifestyle and how to live healthier. Dr Leon helped me get fitter, healthier and lose weight” – Dr Gerald Segal Former AMA Past President “…brilliant weight loss program which is medically sound and practical. It simply works.” – Dr Ross Walker 3AW

Body & Soul Article on Vitamins Posted by: Charmaine Yabsley

Publications : Herald Sun Australians spend up big on supplements each year. Charmaine Yabsley investigates whether they’re a waste of time and money.Popping a daily vitamin has become as routine as brushing our teeth, with around 50 per cent of Australians using vitamins or mineral supplements every year. It’s big business too: we spend around $230 billion annually on therapies, supplements and alternative medicines in our search for wellbeing. But do vitamins work? Or are we throwing our money – literally – down the drain? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ipad-application/are-vitamins-really-worth-taking/story-fn6bn9st-1225943965660

Don’t Judge A Book by its Cover Diet Dillema Posted by: Daniel Hoy

Publications : Herald Sun HEAD to your nearest book store and take a look in the health and fitness aisle. Not only will you see an enormously vast number of diet books, you’ll see just as many different messages. They promise results from 21-day diets, to a week, to a day, even down to a new you in three hours. On the surface these books have little in common, but they do share one common trait. They promise the kind of quick fix that rarely works if you want to achieve longterm weight loss. Weight-loss expert Dr Leon Massage says the most sustainable goal for weight loss is 1kg a week… http://www.bmiweightloss.com.au/media/files/Article.LM.HeraldSun.pdf

Media’s Focus on Ideal Body Shape Can Boost Women’s Body Satisfaction …. momentarily. Posted by: Dr. Leon Massage

Publications : DR LEON (AMA Victoria spokesperson – Weightloss & Nutrition) Research reveals women gain momentary motivation and inspiration from health and beauty magazines showcasing “ideal” body shape, particularly women actively dieting. But as dieting takes time and effort, and women still report their weight as the greatest source of unhappiness – it’s a short-term high which dissipates to the usual dissatisfaction. DR LEON has spoken about the media use of unrealistic body images (in health and beauty magazines), expectations for quick weight-loss (Biggest Loser) and products promising rapid weight-loss (detox and diet programs) – and has medically sound, metabolic based practical advice for people keen to achieve sustainable long-term weightloss. http://www.bmiweightloss.com.au/media/files/Dr%20Leon%20April.pdf 

Doctor’s Order Posted by:

Publications : Weight Watchers If you only see a Doctor when you’re sick, read on to discover how you can stay healthy and informed. http://www.bmiweightloss.com.au/media/files/Article%20in%20Weight%20Watchers%20Mag.jpg

What’s wrong with me? Posted by: Rachel Smith

Publications : Good Health F unny twinges, ongoing infections, not feeling ‘right’… these can all be signs of your body’s red-flag system. And if you stop and listen to your symptoms, says GP Dr Leon Massage, you’re more likely to catch things before they become chronic – or serious. “Keeping a health diary is probably overly neurotic, but it’s essential to keep an updated list of the tablets you’re on – and to know what they’re for.” Also, monitor any worrying symptoms on a calendar, especially if they’re increasing in severity, occur at certain times or via definite triggers. http://www.bmiweightloss.com.au/media/files/Article%20in%20Good%20Health%20Mag.pdf 

A fillip to tourism – Strange beliefs are among the many curiosities about Vanuatu. Posted by: Dr. Leon Massage

Publications : IF a patient presented to your surgery and declared that Prince Phillip was the world’s saviour, would you refer them to your local psychiatric hospital or travel agent? You may think me odd, but I would consider the second option first. Having returned from six days on Vanuatu, I can say with hand on heart that this picturesque Pacific idyll features the beautiful and the bizarre in equal measure. Barely four-hours flight from Melbourne and 2.5 hours from Brisbane, this small archipelago is home to strange belief systems. These include reverence to Queen Elizabeth’s consort and a mythical US serviceman called John Frum. The latter even has adherents in the country’s parliament. Both belief systems exist on the island of Tanna, which is a one-hour flight to the south of the capital, Port Vila. Tanna is also home to the world’s most accessible active volcano, which may go some way to explaining why two separate communities within walking distance of each other hold such strange beliefs. Having met these adherents I can say, with absolute conviction, that they appear in every other respect to be normal. http://www.bmiweightloss.com.au/media/files/Vanuatu%20article%20in%20Oz%20Doc.pdf