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Dr Leon

Celebrated as the go-to weight loss physician around Australia, Dr Leon is an eminent practising doctor who has been treating people with weight issues and obesity for more than 25 years. He has helped thousands of his followers to lose weight and regain their health by teaching them how to overcome their genetic predisposition to gain weight, and to take control of their emotional, non-hunger eating. He does this by teaching them the right food, the right mental techniques, and the right exercise, to succeed with their weight loss.

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How The Program Can Help You To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Learn How Your Body Works

We'll show you how to take control. How to eat, how to exercise and how to think, in order to get a lean and healthy body.

Get To Know Your 
Body Chemistry

How to change your body chemistry and overcome any genetic predisposition to easy weight gain.

Understand Diets Don’t Work

That is why this is not a diet. It is a lifestyle solution. It will put you in control, for permanent life long success.

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The Ultimate Book

The majority of overweight people believe that weight loss is impossible for them. They keep trying, but don't really believe they will succeed. But they are wrong. You can succeed at losing excess weight.Weight loss can become smooth and painless once you learn to harness the hormones that control your metabolism and are predisposing you to easy weight gain.

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