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Hello, my name is leon

As the author of "I Can't Believe It's A Diet" and creator of "Dr Leon's Weight Loss Program" on Udemy, I put YOU in control for permanent, life long success based on over 25 years of experience. 

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Connie Fulford

"That is the best way I can describe Dr Leon's weight loss program.
It is empowering because you are free to choose but are guided to the best choices. 
There are no 'big deal' do's and don'ts.
I also find the drleonmassage website very encouraging when I am feeling down."

Gerald Segal (AMA Victoria past-president)

Dr Leon's weight loss program is not simply a diet
"The program helped me get fitter, healthier and loser weight. I am happy to recommend Dr Leon Massage and his weight loss program to anyone wishing to lose weight and improve their health."

Maurice Adelist

I give Dr Leon 10/10
"What Dr Leon's weight loss program did for me was give me a total understanding of how to manage my weight. 
I lost 22 kg, improved my confidence and sense of self worth, and increased my stamina.
Dr Leon's program did not just get me to lose weight; it changed my life. I now feel great and know exactly what to do to stay this way."

John muscatel

Dr Leon is a genius
"He has saved my life. I have just turned 60 and I feel better than I did when I was 30."