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Good News for Sushi Lovers!

Good News for Sushi Lovers!

If you love eating Japanese food…

you will know that eating the seaweed that is used to surrounds the rice can be quite pleasant. Now there is another very good health reason to eat the Japanese hand rolls and other similar products.

A study from England shows that seaweed can reduce fat intake by up to 75%.

It appears that alginate, a natural fibre found in sea kelp, can radically decrease fat absorption from the gut.

This would make seaweed more effective than most of the prescription medications available in the market place.

For example, Xenical, a drug used to decrease fat absorption from the gut, only claims to decrease fat absorption by about 30%.

Although this research was not performed on humans but on an artificial gut, it is expected that similar results will also occur in humans.

We look forward to further studies.